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Top Balance Nutrition challenges the notion that diets are hard and failure and weight regain is inevitable for most. We are working to prove that healthy lifestyle can be both enjoyable and sustainable. We aim to create a safe and non-judgmental space where people could feel empowered to reach their goals and nutrition could be practiced based on scientific evidence, not the latest gimmicks.


Maria A. Bella, MS, RD, CDN started Top Balance Nutrition in 2008 due to her weight loss of over 70 pounds. Top Balance Nutrition has since evolved into a flourishing practice that now attracts the highest caliber of registered dietitians, each sub-specializing in various areas of nutrition allowing patients to receive the best quality of care.


In addition to individual in-office consultations, we now offer telemedicine to make expert care available to those living in remote locations and to provide accountability and ease of scheduling for busy professionals and stay-at-home parents. 


Our flagship location is at 347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 606, New York, NY 10016, and our Miami location is located at 960 W 41st St #410, Miami Beach, FL 33140.

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